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We, as a south Indian family, have always relished authentic Sambar and Rasam, thanks to the recipes passed on to us by our ancestors, generation after generation. For us, everything is in the ingredients used and their proportions with the right heat that brings out the best aromas and flavour.

From the era of our great grandmothers to our grandmothers, our mothers and then to us, these recipes have been our family treasure that we carried along with our trousseau to our new homes.

Everyday Goodness.

Rasam and Sambar is quintessential to every sumptuous South Indian meal. The best part about these traditional staple dishes is not just the satisfying taste but also its nutritional value. Rasam is also known as “Indian clarified herbal consommé”.

Idhey Traditional South India Meal
Idhey Organic Rasam Powder

Choice of nutrition and great taste.

The ingredients used in Rasam and Sambar contain antioxidants, carminatives, minerals and vitamins. They make excellent introductory solids for babies as well.

Step to Health and Happiness

Idhey masalas fills in tastefully for the rush hours where the art of leisurely cooking and churning out masalas in traditional pestle and mortar have become phenomena of the past. While on the go, just three idlis and a bowl of Sambar is a gastronomical delight and is voted the most nutritious breakfast in the world.

Idhey Traditional Sambar Powd
Mythili-Idhey Founder

Eat good, feel good.

It’s also a well-established fact that the taste of any dish depends on its ingredients. Our founder, Mythili adds her magic ingredient called love and happiness to the potion which results in a taste that will stay with you forever. Idhey Masalas are all the more flavorful and nutritious because only pure organic ingredients handpicked and blended in perfectly.

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