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For Mythili, the founder of ldhey handcrafted organic masalas, the most important ingredient in cooking is the “happiness quotient”. While the pure ingredients and the right mix provide the most fulfilling experience for your palate, the happiness with which she goes through each step of the process ensure a soul satisfying affair. She is a staunch proponent of the theory that ‘happy food’ is processed easily and digested effortlessly resulting in a ‘happy belly’ that in turn leads to a healthy body , mind and soul.’

Idhey-Mythilis Magic Kitchen
Idhey-Handcrafed Organic Masalas

She believes that there is a strong and undeniable connection between food and mood. Eating food which is cooked with happiness has the ability to soothe jangled nerves, restores energy, heal broken hearts, cure boredom, insomnia and anxiety besides providing wholesome nutrition.

Mythili feels that cooking can be therapeutic. It’s one’s own time to feed the spirit and rest the mind. All the products that are prepared in Mythili’s Kitchen carry the love and happiness she experience while making the products.

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